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National brewery "Bofferding"

The Brasserie Nationale (Bofferding) is a Luxembourgish family business and market leader in the greater region. Their products are sold under the brand names Bofferding and Battin. On the new brewery tour visitors experience how this famous beer is crafted through the different steps of the brewing process.

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Regional Products

Beierhaascht  Bascharage heich obléisung

Micro brewery "Béierhaascht"

You will not find a beer museum, but a real microbrewery whose beer tanks were installed in the middle of the restaurant. Guests have the opportunity to watch the brewmaster at work. This beer is quite different from the usual products on the market. Its unique taste comes from the traditional brewing process and thus makes it an incomparable beverage.

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Nature & Tours

Fingig copyright Wolff

Enjoy the green zone

Take your time and enjoy the outstanding landscapes in the southern region of the country and embark on a journey of discovery ...  let yourself be surprised...

Circular walk Bascharage  

Circular walk Clemency I  

Circular walk Clemency II  

Nature & Sports

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For real sports enthousiasts

This cycling track gives you the possibility to discover a great part of the southern region of the country and leads you to the beautiful Moselle region. 

A perfect way to see the diversity in our small country.

three cantons cycling path     

Cycle path Attert  

Fishponds Clemency

Family breweries & tradition

The municipality is closely linked to two luxembourgish family breweries. One of which is the market leader in the greater region and the other a smaller brewery offering beers of incomparable taste. Aside from the breweries, a great range of restaurants give you the perfect opportunity to taste traditionnal luxembourgish dishes. 

After all the food and beer tasting, idilliyc landscapes around the municipality invite you on a relaxing stroll or a bike tour.

The municipality of Käerjeng extends to the localities: Bascharage, Clemency, Fingig, Hautcharage and Linger.


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