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Art and culture for everybody

The city of Dudelange offers an impressive cultural landscape. With modern infrastructures that are perfectly adapted to today's requirements, festivals and events featuring renowned artists regularly attract numerous visitors.



RedRock MTB trails

Red Rock Mountainbike Trails Copyright Pulsa Pictures - ORT Sud 8 site

Prepare your bikes!

Both RedRock Mountainbike Trails „Haard-red“ and „Haard-black“ lead you through former open cast mining areas, which have officially been declared a national nature reserve in 1994. Earlier, iron ore was mined here, but after the end of opencast mining the area was was simply left to the natural process of vegetation development.

Haard Black  

Haard Red  




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The country's largest nature reserve

Luxembourg’s largest natural reserve named "Haard" can be found in the RedRockRegion. Visitors can closely observe how impressively nature evolved in the former open-cast areas without human involvement: rare animal and plant species, amongst which orchids and bats, amphibians and reptiles, butterflies and birds.



Skatepark & Dirtline

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Guaranteed fun!

Halfpipes and jumping ramps, bumps and steps will fascinate both beginners and experienced bikers. The tracks are perfectly suited for improving techniques and guarantee great fun.

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Dudelange, the dynamic city!

Dudelange is the fourth-largest city of the country and one of the main former steel and mining towns in Luxembourg.

Surrounded by generous nature, the town is today a multicultural meeting place with a varied cultural offer in stunning infrastructures. In and around Dudelange, you will find an impressive Neo-Gothic church, reconverted industrial sites and the biggest nature reserve in Luxembourg. 

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St Martin's Church

History - Mount St John

Adventure Park

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