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Nature reserve & Red Rocks

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Nature Reserve & Red Rocks

The iron industry and iron ore mining significantly contributed to Luxembourg’s economic upturn. Iron ore mining took place in the underground galeries of the « Mine Cockerill » at the Ellergronn. After the closing of the mine, the entire site with its buildings has been renovated and turned into a centre for nature conservation and the museum of the “Mine Cockerill”.

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Belval - urban development

Belval is one of the most ambitious urban development projects in Europe: the reconversion of the former industrial sites. A place where research and educational facilities, culture, services, shops and leisure complexes will melt into a unique mixture. 

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RedRock MTB Trail "Ellergronn"

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Full of energy and diversity!

The cosmopolite vein of Southern Luxembourg, by its status the second-largest city in the Grand-Duchy, is a treasure chest filled with history and culture. Former center of the Luxembourgish steel industry, Esch is now a true cosmopolite city.

Nevertheless, the industrial past is still very present today and is carried onward by the energy of its inhabitants. Aware of their origins and eager to shape their future, it is the people who give Esch the energy to strive forward. Many places in the city reveal the transitions between industrial culture and modernness, history and progress, past and future.

The city has ever since attracted people from all over the world. People with more than 100 different nationalities live here together door to door. One gets a feeling of this huge variety of cultures in the streets, in the various international restaurants and cafés or in the colorful boutiques. Truly, this city lives on the pulse of diversity. 

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Discover the Hits for Kids!

Discover the Hits for Kids!

Recreation, leisure and sports facilities, playgrounds, an animal park and a rose garden.

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