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Kayl LF 138

Spectacular landscapes

Several trails lead through a former open-cast mining area in the "Land of the Red Rocks".

At times of the ore exploitation, the landscape of today’s nature used to be bare and the predominant colour was red. After the end of the mining exploitation, new habitats developed.

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"Fuesend" - Carnival !

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In Luxembourg, people love celebrating carnival!

For 5 weeks, numerous masked balls and carnival parades take place.
The city of Kayl organizes a children’s carnival parade.

Don't forget to taste the carvival specialties...

Children's carnival parade  

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Kayl - traditional place of pilgrimage

The localities are situated between two ridges that have been worked by mineworkers for the past 150 years. Today, nature has greatly evolved in those former open-cast areas and offer breathtaking scenery marked by man’s activity in the past. You will find as well a place of pilgrimage in honour of the Virgin Mary and the deceased mineworkers

The municipality of Kayl extends to the localities: Kayl and Tétange.

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