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Industrial culture & Historical heritage

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Discover industrial culture and historical heritage

Find out what life was like in times when the mining industry greatly contributed to the country's wealth...

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Several trails lead through a former open-cast mining area in the "Land of the Red Rocks".

At times of the ore exploitation, the landscape of today’s nature used to be bare and the predominant colour was red. After the end of the mining exploitation, new habitats developed.

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History, nature and nostalgia

Sited in the upper reaches of the Chiers, surrounded by lots of greenery and forests, the municipality of Pétange proudly looks back on a worthy past. This past goes back to ancient times, when the Celts decided to settle here. Later, during the industrialization, Pétange positioned itself as an important pillar in the Luxembourgish steel industry. Even though industry remains present today, the municipality finds itself today in the midst of a stunning natural landscape and a breathtaking nature reserve: “Prënzebierg”.

The municipality of Pétange is composed of the localities Pétange, Rodange and Lamadelaine. 



9/44 Pétange

Historical heritage - Oppidum Titelberg

History - World War II

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Pétange during World War II

The municipality of Pétange has a very rich history in the period of World War II. Here in Rodange, the Grand Duchess Charlotte crossed the borders to flee from the occupation of the Nazis on Mai 10th 1940. In return, Pétange was the first city liberated by the Allied forces on the 9th September 1944. Between these two dates, the city experienced the years of occupation, a very dull period with many sad but as well motivating stories. Many monuments around Pétange act as memorials in order to not forget these stories that marked the sinister period of World War II. 

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