Cultural heritage

Reckange Pissenger Kueben

"Déi Piissénger an d’Kueben" by Marcel Reuland 

Sharing like „d’Piissénger mat de Kueben“ is an old luxembourgish saying. The saying is based on a poem by Marcel Reuland, in which three residents from Pissange wanted to steal ravens from a nest. The „Piissénger Kueben“ were immortalized in a monument, by the artist Solange Wozniak. In addition to the raventree as an art object, a memorial plaque with the original poem engraved is a further tribute to the poet and writer. 

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Rural character and charm!

The municipality of Reckange-sur-Mess extends to the localities: Reckange-sur-Mess, Ehlange-sur-Mess, Limpach, Pissange, Roedgen and Wickrange.

Situated between the cities of Luxembourg and Esch-sur-Alzette, the municipality forms a wonderful green zone with its 6 localities. It has preserved its rural character and charm while offering a modern flair in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

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