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Industrial culture & Historical heritage

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National Mining Museum

The collection in the national mining museum consists of tools, machines, equipment and archive documents relating to the exploitation of iron ore. The principal part of the collection is on display in the underground galleries of the mine.
Through this spectacular presentation, visitors can really appreciate the arduous nature of the miner’s work.

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Nature & Red Rocks

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Take a deep breath

Several trails lead through a former open-cast mining area in the "Land of the Red Rocks".

The scars left by this large-scale operation are slowly reclaimed by the natural vegetation. A path has been laid out on the mine's benches to enable walkers to see the gradual rehabilitation of an abandoned mine site.

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The city of the red rocks!

The city has been marked by the exploitation of iron ore and the iron industry in particular. 

Even though nature has greatly evolved in those former open-cast areas, one can still today see the signs of those times.

You are invited to take part on a journey into a forgotten or yet unknown past, but also on a discovery tour through the present.

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National Mining Museum