Adventure & Climbing 

Parc Le'h Adventures Dudelange


The ‘Le'h’ Park Dudelange has opened a new park for climbing enthusiasts: the ‘Le'h Adventures’ park. Four courses and around sixty workshops await children and adults alike. Trees have been widely used in the Leih park to create strong and intrepid sensations. All courses start with instructions on safety rules, aiming to give a clear understanding and appropriate handling of the harness to which two spring hooks are connected. The visitor is constantly secured by two climbing ropes. The park has 4 different marked courses. The white track is for children from 4 years, the green track for children above 9 years old, the blue one for children above 11 years and the red track for youngsters above 16 years. Named ‘sensations’, the course lives up to its name. Each of the fifteen workshops is more thrilling than the one before: Tarzan’s' jump (throwing yourself into the air to catch a ‘liana)’, crossing unstable and cranky footbridges between two trees at 13 m above ground and descending, climbing and going across a Tyrolean traverse which can only be crossed using your arms.


  • October - March: weekend from 2 PM (by good weather conditions)
  • April, October, November: weekend from 2 PM to 7 PM (by good weather conditions)
  • May-September: Tuesday-Thursday 2 PM - 7 PM and weekend from 10 AM to 7 PM
  • July - August: 10 AM - 7 PM

Groups: on request


  • Equipment rental


  • Outdoor
  • Group reservation > 10