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Brasserie Nationale (Bofferding & Battin)


Did you know that Luxembourg produces first-class beers ? The National Brewery Bofferding has been active in brewing since 1754. Its two beer brands ‘Bofferding’ and ‘Battin’ have yet gained a cultural status in Luxembourg and represent the most popular beer in the Grand-Duchy. The family enterprise still produces its beers in the brewery halls in Bascharage. The brewery itself is open to the public and can be visited on a guided tour.


Let your heart be your guide and the brewery be your host on a multimedia tour leading you through the production halls. Discover how water, malt, hops and yeast are dosed carefully by the master brewer in order to craft a unique beer. Visit the brewery, the museum and end your visit with a beer tasting at the brasserie. After the visit, you will understand why this beer is so deeply enrooted in Luxembourg’s culture.

The Bofferding team welcomes you to the oldest brewery in Luxembourg!


From 15 June to 15 September, every Saturday at 3 PM guided tours without appointment. By appointment, guided tours can be organised all year round (Monday to Saturday).


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