Fairy tale park Bettembourg


The only leisure and fairy tale park in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. A 25-ha area where you will find both peace and quiet and relaxing entertainment. The forest of fairy tales and attractions for young children will fill tiny tots with wonder, while exotic animals from five continents will fascinate the entire family. Visitors can see pelicans and pink flamingos near the lake, go looking for monkeys and crocodiles, watch the fish in the Amazon house, or admire the grace of penguins under water. The forest has shady spots to rest as well as areas for exploration and discovery. Children will be unable to resist climbing in the giant spider's web, seeing the world from up above in the “village of birds” or losing their way in the darkness of the maze… and learning a little more about the animals of the forest.

Pictures © Parc Merveilleux

Opening hours

Mon 09h30 18h00
Tue 09h30 18h00
Wed 09h30 18h00
Thu 09h30 18h00
Fri 09h30 18h00
Sat 09h30 18h00
Sun 09h30 18h00


01.04.2017 - 08.10.2017