Luxembourg Science Center


Discover, try, experience, listen, touch and learn at the same time!

This is what you can do at the Luxembourg Science Centre, the center for natural sciences and engineering in Differdange.

Explore natural and technical phenomena at fifty experimental stations. At these stations, you can discover school subjects as math, physics and chemistry from a completely different angle.

- electricity (Tesla transformer, one of the most powerful in Europe, electromagnetism)
- mechanics (statics, gravity, liquids, building material, material resistance)
- combustion engine
- robotics
- mathematics
- biology
- chemistry
- astronomy
- acoustic
- …

After you have discovered the stations on your own, you can participate in one of three labs. The workshops/shows will last between 1-2 hours.
Spectacular and interactive presentations are offered. During the “Do-it-yourself” Workshops, the participants, on their own or in groups, have the possibility to handle, to build or to create objects which they can keep as a souvenir of their visit.



Opening hours

Mon 09h00 17h00
Tue 09h00 17h00
Wed 09h00 17h00
Thu 09h00 17h00
Fri 09h00 17h00
Sat 10h00 18h00
Sun 10h00 18h00


Open every day, weekdays from 9-5, weekends and holidays from 10-6.

Type of museum



  • Disabled access
  • Guided tour
  • Cafeteria
  • Shop