Parks & Gardens 

Galgenberg Park - Escher Déi'renpark


The animal park "Escher Déierepark"

A paradise for children ... but not only!

On the Gaalgebierg, just a few steps from the town center, you will find deer, goats, rabbits and many other animal species sharing an area of approximately 2 hectares. All in all 150 animals, 25 animal species, 2 playgrounds and several relaxation areas.

Guided tours "um Heemelwee *" are offered on request from Monday to Friday from 5 persons up to a maximum of 15 persons.

The entrance to the park is free and the park is always open to visitors.

The “Heemelwee” is open to the public on Tuesdays 2pm until 4pm.

*) Heemelwee: petting zoo

The new educational farm

The Escher Déierepark was expanded in 2016 and now also offers an educational farm. The aim of the farm is to show former pet breeds. You’ll be introduced to the horse breeds Konik and Huzule, the Poitou donkeys ... and many more.




  • Guided tour
  • Open to the public