Nature Parks 

Nature reserve "Prënzebierg - Giele Botter"


© ORT Sud

The nature reserve „Prënzebierg-Giele Botter“ takes you on a route through an old open cast iron ore mining area showing you the impressive process of how nature reconquers the once abandoned area. At times of the iron ore exploitation, the landscape of today’s nature reserve used to be bare and the predominant color was red.

After the end of the mining activity, new habitats developed and new forms of life found their home after the decline of steel industry. Indeed, numerous rare species and plants such as bats, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and birds contribute to the unique colorful composition of the territory.

Along the rambling routes leading you through the area, you’ll furthermore find information on the geology and botanics of the site. 


Discovery trail "Prënzebierg - Giele Botter"

The discovery trail will guide you on 7.7km through the former open cast mining area. On your rambling journey, you will get to learn historic facts and get to learn more about the flora and fauna of this specific nature reserve.

Along the former mining waggon “Buggiën” tracks, you will get to discover the landscape from two different angles: you can let yourself be taken back to the times when iron ore was mined and explore how the landscape has been formed by the mining activity. You will also see the impressive natural succession after the end of the mining exploitation with its extremely diverse flora and fauna.