Guided tour of the National Mining Museum - underground galeries


The National Mining Museum can be visited by a guided tour in the company of a qualified guide. The tour starts with a short introduction in the exhibition building, after which the visitors are handed a helmet. The visitors then board a train to enter the mine; the journey takes about 20 minutes. Inside the mine, the tour continues on foot through the tunnels as the guide explains the different mining techniques and the daily life of the mineworkers. The tour exits the mine by train through the Walert tunnel.


Duration: 120 minute(s)

People: min 15 - max 29

Tour step 1

Type: On foot
Difficulty: Easy
Targets: Family, Groups, Individuals, Kids, , Seniors
Languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Luxembourgish


Group price: 232€
Group price information

Groups < 15 persons: 120€ Groups 15-29 persons: 8€/person

Individual price: 9€