The Bitter Years - Waasertuerm+Pomhouse


A little bit of New York in Dudelange

Forget about superficial Instagram photos. These touching images are full of humanity. The Bitter Years exhibition confronts us with the eyes of women, men and children, all of whom have a story to tell. They gaze at us from the other side of the lens, across Atlantic and from another time. And yet, the message is timeless. The photos speak to everyone.

This is probably what compelled Edward Steichen, born in Luxembourg, to showcase these photos in 1962 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Steichen, a photographer himself, left the Grand Duchy for the United States where he was Director of the MoMA's Department of Photography. Half a century later, the collection is now on display at the delightful Waassertuerm Gallery in Dudelange.

This former water tower has been transformed into a cultural space and to better accommodate both historical and contemporary photography exhibitions. The Pomhouse, a former pumping house connected to it, hosts temporary exhibitions as well. This exhibition is a real gem—absolutely a must-see!


Guided Tour: 30€ for 30 minutes / 60€ for 60 minutes / 90€ for 90 minutes + admission  (4€/pers.)



Opening hours

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Open from 1st March until 31st December


Annual closure for conservation purposes from 2nd January until 28th February


6€ | Reduced price: 4€ | Free < 21


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