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Karting track Mondercange


In Michael Schumacher’s (tire) tracks

It’s true! Michael Schumacher, the star of motorsports has visited, and so has Jarno Trulli! Opened in 1974, the Karting Track Mondercange is open to beginners and more experienced riders for sessions lasting up to one hour. Even kids can give it a go! And for those who have their own kart, the track can be rented for private sessions. Sounds fun, right? With nearly 900m to put the pedal to the medal, karting enthusiasts will have a blast. You can practically smell the hot rubber!

Opening hours

Mon - -
Tue 10h30 - 12h3013h30 - 21h00
Wed 10h30 - 12h3013h30 - 21h00
Thu 10h30 - 12h3013h30 - 21h00
Fri 10h30 - 12h3013h30 - 21h00
Sat 10h00 - 12h3013h30 - 19h00
Sun 10h00 - 12h3013h30 - 19h00


between october and april, the track closes at nightfall

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